The Great American Craft Beer Tour has the knowledge and love for every craft beer under the sun – paired with the drive and capability to bring these fine brews to your event/town/venue.

“Festival within a festival”

We specialize in bringing a full blown beer festival in the middle of a music festival, BBQ festival, etc.  The events are mutually supportive, each generating interest in the other.

Respecting the Brewers

Craft beer would be nothing without the men and women who handcraft it for our enjoyment – it wouldn’t exist!  That’s why we strive to make our events as beneficial and fulfilling for the brewers as the consumers.

Charity and Community Outreach

Supporting the communities and charities around us is more important than anything.

Exposure for Aspiring Brewers

Just start a brewery? Looking to showcase your beers at a festival that won’t leave your pockets as empty as your kegs?  The Great American Craft Beer Tour is for you.

No Market Too Small

In fact, we love small!  Odds are, big cities see anywhere from 5 to 20 beer festivals per year – not small towns!  We’re here to bring craft beer to markets that might not be able to get it otherwise.

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