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At Great American Craft Beer Tours our goal is to bring you the most up to date information on some of the best breweries in America. This is the place to find information on your local breweries, as well as, information on those cities your are planning to visit. With hunderds of great breweries to experience, you will not have to worry about running out of new places to visit,

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Some of the best  breweries in the country the number of establishments in Arizona is growing as fast as the population. In addition, there are some unique beer ingredients found only in the Southwest.

127 Breweries statewide


Texas is one of the top craft beer destinations in America. There are over 300 breweries in Texas, and they’re located in big cities, as well as, small towns. The number of craft breweries in Texas has been, and continues to grow, at an astonishing rate. So Texas should definitely be on your short list for a beer tour. Make sure to pack bag it is a large state.

341 Breweries Statewide


California is dotted with hundreds of craft breweries giving beer lovers a great selection of brews from West Coast-style IPAs to sour beers and more throughout the entire state. From coastal venues to inland establishments, check out some of the must-try craft breweries in The Golden State.


907 Breweries Statewide


 Colorado is home to more than 400 established breweries. Coloradans didn’t invent the concept of a craft brewery, but they do get credit for perfecting the art of craft beer. Home to such notable breweries as New Belgium Brewing CompanyOdell Brewing Co.Great Divide Brewing, Boulder Beer Company, Left Hand Brewing and many others, the state is a beer-lover’s dream destination.


425 Breweries Statewide


Seasonal Beers

With most breweries having seasonal beers in addition to the standard brews you will find the experience different each time you visit.


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